Privacy Statement


Like many blogs, I use Google Analytics on this website in order to keep track of how many users are visiting and what content they like the most. This information helps me make better choices about the type of content I create. In order to keep track of this information, Google Analytics works by placing a tracking cookie in your browser. This tracking cookie ‘counts’ your visit, and also counts whether you’re a repeat visitor – which if you are, great! It’s good for me to know which visitors are new and which ones are coming back for more. Google Analytics cookies are totally optional, and you have the right and ability to refuse having them placed on your browser if you so wish.

There may also be other types of cookies on the site which are functional cookies that are strictly necessary – for example to persist your session state. These cookies don’t track you or remain in your browser after you leave the site, and are only there so you can use the site as intended.


Besides Google Analytics, I also have MailChimp forms on the site so I can keep track of emails of visitors that want to receive a newsletter. I don’t do anything with these emails besides using them for newsletters. I would never sell your email to a third party.


If you have any questions about these topics, please reach out to me at