Ethiopian lasagna
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Ethiopian Lasagna with Homemade Berbere


This Ethiopian lasagna with homemade berbere is earthy, smokey and spicy with a creamy and decadent bechamel topping that will make you want to go for seconds. When I first learned about Ethiopia and Eritrea’s pasta culture I was really intrigued and couldn’t wait to try pasta with traditional Ethiopian […]

cinnamon and brown sugar pasta
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Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Pasta


Sometimes we get very firm ideas in our minds about what foods should be savoury and what foods should be sweet. Take for example chocolate. Chocolate is usually seen as sweet in our collective imagination, that is until it’s put into a Mexican mole sauce and served (savoury) alongside steak […]

easdy weeknight beef stroganoff
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Easy Weeknight Beef Stroganoff


Friends, I’m going to share a super easy and flexible weeknight recipe for beef stroganoff not only because it’s creamy, carby, hearty and delicious goodness in 30 minutes or less, but also because it’s so representative of the beauty of improvisation in the kitchen. When I got home from work […]

homemade macaroni from scratch
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Handmade Macaroni From Scratch


This post on making handmade macaroni pasta from scratch was originally published in 2017. I’ve updated it since then with a closer look at the pasta dough recipe best suited to making this type of pasta. I didn’t update the pictures because I can’t bring myself to make a whole […]